Shaker Single-Drawer Cupboard

Made entirely from pine, this handsome storage cupboard comes from the collection at Hancock Shaker Village in Hancock Massachusetts. The large lop drawer is almost three feet wide and the double panel doors below provide access to plenty of additional storage area.

The two sides (A) are made first. In order to obtain the 18 3/4 in. width it will be necessary to edge-glue two or more narrower boards. When edge-gluing, be sure to allow a little extra stock for both the width and length.

Next, lay out the location of the 1 in. wide by 1/4 in. deep dados for the upper shelf (C) and the center shelf (D), and also the 1 in, wide by 1/4 in. deep rabbet for the bottom (E). A router equipped with a straight bit provides the easiest way to make this cut; simply clamp a straightedge guide to the side stock, offsetting the guide an amount that will properly locate the router bit.

As shown in the exploded view, the front edge of each side has a 3/4 in. deep notch that extends from the bottom to a point 8 1/4in. from the top. To cut the notch, set the table saw rip fence at a point 3/4 in. from the left side bottom (E), center divider (F), lower divider (G) and top (I) can now be made. Since all these parts require wide stock, you’ll once again need to edge-glue two or more narrow boards to get enough width.

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