Tips 1.

Wavy veneer must be moistened slightly before pressing flat. One of those spray pump plastic containers (such as a «Windex» bottle) is ideal for applying a fine spray of water. Be sure to thoroughly clean before using.

A thin coat of paste wax applied to the top of your table saw will help stock slide smoothly.

Here is a quick way to check and see if a band or jig saw table is at 90 degrees to the blade. Make a shallow cut in a piece of at least 1 in. thick scrap stock, then turn the saw off and place the saw kerf on the back of the blade. If it lines up the table is square.

My shop vacuum cleaner has a pleated paper filter and I find the pleats quickly fill up with dust and dirt. This not only reduces the vacuum but also makes the filter difficult to clean. I solved the problem by pulling one of my wife’s old nylon stockings over the filter. It fits tightly and keeps the dirt and sawdust out of the filter. When the vacuum is turned off, the collected material falls off of the stocking to the bottom of the canister.

Here’s a fast way to take the cup out of a board. With the cupped edge down, place a piece of cloth between the iron and the board. Cotton is preferred, in fact an old turkish towel works well. Using the iron, apply heat to the high center of the board. Keep the iron slowly moving. The cloth will become scorched and the wood may darken, however any wood discoloration can usually be easily sanded out. Be sure to stop applying heat before the board is completely flat or it will start to cup the other way. And don’t use any man-made cloth material as it is likely to melt. I’ve found a board won’t straighten if it is sealed on both sides or if nailed or glued in place.

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