Gate-leg table. part 2.

The upper apron assembly (parts В and С), end rails (D), pivot rail (H), and the drawer guide support (M) and drawer guide (N) are all standard mortise and tenon construction. Refer to the apron and rail tenon details for the specific dimensions of these tenons and to figure the corresponding mortises in the legs. When making the upper of the two end rails (D), note that several slotted and countersunk screw holes must be added in this piece, which also serves as a cleat for mounting the top. The top and leaves are made by gluing up stock, with the leaves then rounded out with a saber saw. Refer to the Special Techniques feature beginning on page 22 for detailed instructions on how to make the rule joint shown in the rule joint detail.

Build the drawer as shown in the drawer detail. Although the drawer bottom is dimensioned full width in the Bill of Materials, size it a little under 6 in. wide to accommodate any seasonal movement in the wood. Assemble the drawer and mount the wood knob, which is turned to the illustrated profile. The various stretchers and legs are joined as indicated with 3/4 in. diameter by 1 in. long dowel pins. In order to in sure accuracy in the location of these pins a simple drilling guide jig can be made for this operation. Drill the dowel holes slightly long to prevent dowel bottoming and hydraulic glue back pressure during the final assembly process. Because the fit of all parts is so critical and must be exact, a dry fitted test assembly of the entire table is a must. part 3.

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