Pivot-top Game/Coffee Table. Part 5.

The notch for the locking pin is cut on the side aprons (J) as shown in Fig. 5, then the 5/16 in. diameter hole is bored at a point 5/16 in. from the top edge (Fig. 6). Use the drill press with a stop block to insure that all four holes are in the same location. Also use the same set up to bore the pivot pin hole on the end apron (K).

As shown in Fig. 6, the upper edge of the rails has a 1/4in. radius applied. Use the router table with a 1/4 in. round over bit to cut this radius.
The assembly sequence is detailed in Figs. 7, 8, 9, and 10. In Fig. 10, note that the top is added in that step.

The locking pin pull (I) is made as shown in Fig. 11. Locate and bore the 1 1/4 in. hole, then rip the block at cut line «A» and crosscut at cut line «B». Place the pull in the apron slot and, keeping the bottom edges flush, clamp the pull to the apron. Use the hole already in the apron as a guide to boring the 1/4 in. deep hole as shown. Epoxy the pin in place and insert the pull in the apron. Now, scribe the curved profile of the apron to the block and band saw to shape. Sand the pull flush with the apron.

Final sand all legs and apron before applying Watco to the sanded surfaces.

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