July and August are the months when many woodworkers tend to slack off a bit and abandon the workbench for more outdoor-oriented activities. In spite of this, we haven’t slacked off at The Woodworker’s Journal and have assembled what I think is a pretty impressive collection of projects for this issue. As usual, some are quick and easy and others (like the stunning game/coffee table) are a good challenge. I hope you find more than a few projects to your liking and plenty of helpful woodworking information.

PC Buffs Take Note

I once remarked that I was so ignorant of computer technology that I thought software referred to the dustcover that you put over the computer at night. Things sure have changed in a few years. Like many others, I’ve come to realize that the personal computer is an extremely valuable tool for those who must deal with words or store and retrieve information.
If, like me, you’ve decided that personal computers are no longer something to be taken lightly, you’ll find in this issue the plans for a computer desk that’s handsome, easy to build, and far more practical than the dining room table. So, whether you’re into analyzing financial spread sheets or trying to navigate a starship through an asteroid belt, consider building this comfortable and convenient desk. It’s a
great home base for your PC and its peripheral equipment, and will help make those sessions at the keyboard more enjoyable and productive.

Adventures in Space

Are you pressed for workshop space? If so, you’ll want to check out the nifty fold-up workbench on page 49. This is an easily built and surprisingly sturdy bench made to order for all those woodworkers (including myself) who are sharing work space with two cars and a lot of junk in a garage. Even if you’ve got plenty of shop space, this little bench will be handy for those sanding, finishing, and odd jobs that might mess up your «good» bench. We’ve put the prototype to immediate use in our shop and I’m sure going to build one soon for myself.

Book Sale

Over the past few years we’ve sold many thousands of copies of our book 101 Projects for Woodworkers at $22.95 plus $1.25 snipping charge. Those readers who have been with us a while will recall that the book contains plans from the first 22 issues of The Woodworker’s Journal. We’re planning to reprint the book in a softcover format but before we do, it’s necessary that we reduce our remaining inventory of hardcover books. There are only about 750 copies left, so while they last or until September 30th, 1985, you can order a copy at a close-up price of $16.95 plus SI .25 shipping charge. A special sale order form can be found bound into this issue and, of course, our money back guarantee still applies if you’re not completely satisfied.

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