Computer Desk . part 2.

The computer desk is easy and inexpensive to build. Although we used oak, both for its strength and because oak veneer plywood is commonly available, almost any hardwood can be used. As shown in the plywood cutting diagram (Fig. 1), all the plywood pieces (the three shelves: parts A, B, and C; and the main shelf backing strips: parts D and E) can be cut from one half sheet of plywood. All the other parts for the desk can be cut with the table saw from standard 3/4 in. stock, When cutting the plywood use a plywood blade to provide a smooth cut and help prevent chip-out along the edges. Next, cut all the hardwood components, parts F through P. Half-lap the feet (L) and legs (M and N) as shown in the half-lap detail (Fig. 2), and notch the back legs to accept the two stretchers (O) as shown in the stretcher detail (Fig. 3).

To assemble the table, first glue the plywood backing strips (D and E) to the underside of the main shelf (B). These pieces serve as backing for the edging, and lend rigidity to and strengthen the main shelf. Now glue the various edgings to the three shelves. Note that all these edgings are mitered at the corners.
Next, glue up the half-lapped legs and feet. Add the main shelf, which is screwed and plugged through the legs, and the two stretchers, which are glued and then screwed with angled screws.

The adjustable shelves are mounted with a simple cleat system as shown in the cleat detail (Fig. 4). Use one cleat as a template for the others and as a guide for drilling the corresponding mounting holes in the legs. The cleats are glued and screwed to the shelf undersides. Although simple dowels can be used for the mounting pegs, the large ends on our pegs are convenient to grasp, making it easy to readjust the shelves.

Apply a generous 45 degree chamfer around all edges before final sanding. Several coats of Watco penetrating oil, buffed lightly with 0000 steel wool between coats, will lend the computer desk a nice satin finish.

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