Computer Desk

We held back as long as we could, but the computer revolution has finally penetrated even here to The Woodworker’s Journal. So, here it is at last — our computer desk. Although we know that many Journal readers own computers, it was our intention when designing this project to offer a piece that would also serve well as a regular desk for those readers who do not have a computer. We believe that the end product of our research is a handsome, versatile, functional design, whether you use it for a computer or as a traditional desk.

As shown in the photo, the desk will accommodate a keyboard, display screen, disk drive, printer, and paper. There is also ample room for a telephone, modem and other add-on devices. We made the upper and lower shelves adjustable so the desk can be tailored to the many different types and styles of personal computers, an important feature given the variety of computers that are now available. Should you choose to use this piece as a traditional desk, the adjustable shelves are great for books and papers, and the main work surface provides a nice,
large, unobstructed work area.


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